Riot map

I (@rakugojon) was curious to see what the correlation was between the riots yesterday and deprived areas. Luckily two Young Rewired Staters (Priyesh Patel and Daniel Saul) who spent time in our office last week had done the hard work with their excellent mood map and imported government deprivation data into google fusion tables. All I had to do was filter this data to just show the areas seen as more deprived (the top 10% of deprived areas in the UK according to the indice) and overlay it with where riots are occurring. To see the deprived areas, simply zoom in on a marker (signifying a riot). Dark areas nearby represent deprived areas that you can click on. The darker the area the more deprived.

Originally for the riot data I used live London riots map compiled by James Cridland. During Tuesday the Guardian released some live data and @jamescridland announced he wasn't going to keep his map up to date. Thus the data for riots is now coming from the Guardian which I've imported into Google Fusion Tables. You can see the old map using James Cridland's data here.

Future enhancements

It would be interesting in future, to overlay other government data sets on this map such as... It would also be useful to allow filtering of the data to show sizes and dates of disturbance.

The web is about sharing and improving on others work, so please feel free if interested to reuse this data. If you do a mashup based on this, I'd love to hear from you via twitter.