Spinning html5 canvas globe


Cool things happen when you have shape data and HTML5

This demo was made by Jon Robson. During a project where Osmosoft made a new website for the international gay lesbian association (ILGA), which we felt demanded a chloropleth map to show laws relating to LGBTI issues we did many geo related experiments. Here is one which involved looking at spinning globes. It was abandoned due to being unperformant in modern browsers (hence since we needed this map to work in Internet Explorer this was abandoned) Instead we made a flat map with the canvas element, and some alternative vml code for Internet Explorer users. However reflecting on this work the idea of a spinning map was pretty damn cool. So I've dressed up those hacky experiments to show a pretty canvas animation. I've forgotten about IE for the purpose of this demo. The map itself is constructed from a geojson describing the shapes that make up the world. The coordinates are projected on to a sphere. Please do view source, share and hack with as you please.