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Jon Robson


I'm a Welsh/English/European/adopted-Singaporean open source web developer and writer living in San Francisco.

I am married to Linz. Together we self-published the book A Little Daily Dose.

I work for the Wikimedia Foundation. There, I built the mobile Wikipedia experience and those little previews you see when you hover over links.

I like to build things that remove barriers for non-technical people to empower them to fulfil their dreams. I contribute to the web in the hope that I will leave it a better place for the children I'll never have.

I am curious about anything that helps us retain and celebrate the beauty of different cultures and I write to share my ideas.

Technical writing

fiction / non-fiction


  • screenshot of A little daily dose website A book and mobile app for learning Chinese [2019]
  • screenshot of Open Library contributing to Open Library to make it mobile friendly [2018]
  • screenshot of /qieqie/ qieqie A flashcard game for learning Chinese characters. [2018]
  • screenshot of someday an offline travel guide allowing you to edit open knowledge from the comfort of your offline phone. [2017]
  • screenshot of weekipedia an offline ready React.js progressive web app clone of the Wikipedia mobile site with webpush. [2016]
  • screenshot of m.wikipedia You know Wikipedia, right? I made the mobile version of the site. [2012-present]

Other clients include, tunbridge wells winter shelter, BT Group (internal), notesmusiccoffee.